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Wholesale car body kit store in orange county

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You are looking to upgrade your car without downgrading the money in your pocket. At Express Aero Kits, we offer aftermarket body kits at discounted prices so you can modify and customize your car, truck or SUV. We carry a range of products from different brands to fit your budget. Taking pride on being the premier distributor of Duraflex, V-Fiber and TruFiber products, we guarantee fitment on all products purchased through us.

Cars are our passion and we want to help you make your car a dream come true. We can help you find the right parts to add bumper lips to the front and back, or do a major overhaul and add everything from the ground up. Search our pages of products by car (including make and model) or by the part you’re looking for. We offer the highest quality fiberglass, carbon fiber and urethane body kits. Add on parts to add to the performance of your vehicle or strictly for looks. Turn heads, life is short and we say that you should enjoy it and look good while you’re living.

If you have any question about installation or what part to purchase for your vehicle, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out. Even if you want to make your Toyota look more like a Lamborghini, we can help to make sure you get parts with the best fit. Likewise, if you run into a problem, give us a ring. Customer service is our top priority at Express Aero Kits.

Express Aero Kits offers the best quality fiberglass, urethane, carbon fiber and Duraflex body kits in the industry. We carry the Duraflex, Carbon Creations, Extreme Dimensions, V-Fiber, and TruFiber brands. We pride ourselves at being a Premier Distributor for these industry leading companies. Our body kits are offered at discounted prices to save you money on your custom body kits.

Founded in 2001, EAK works to bring you what’s current on the market, so you can have your dream car, truck or SUV. We are constantly learning what you love and making new connections in the industry to find the new trends on the market, to stay ahead of the curve. Your order of aero kits we offer will be shipped to you within 24-48 hours, giving you the fastest shipping times in the industry, so you can prep and install them to hype performance and design on your vehicle.

Search by car, and you can see what parts are available by make and model and in the material you are looking for. We have full body kits for cars, trucks and SUV. Take the time to look through our extensive inventory. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you have a Honda Accord or an Aston Martin DB9, we have body kits for a range of car brands and classes. Find the perfect full body kit or individual body kit parts your car with parts made from different materials for a truly unique look.

Express Aero Kits offers the best in body kits for the whole car or by part for sale, online. We bring you products made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, urethane and Duraflex. We work closely with the top brands of car kits, like Duraflex, Carbon Creations, Extreme Dimensions, V-Fiber and TruFiber, so you get the best deal out there. Shop by part to find the bumper trim, fender, hood, scoops, full wide body kits you're looking for and more. We have it all!

Whether you’re looking to make your car perform better on the road using fiberglass or urethane car kits, or to create eye candy through personalization, adding front bumper trim or door moldings, shop our site for the parts you want for your car, truck or SUV. We carry parts for BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Acura, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Pontiac so you can easily find what you’re looking for to make your car turn heads.

Our goal is to bring you what’s hot on the market now! We are constantly looking for new trends and up and coming companies with the best products, as well as keeping our connections with our standard companies to bring you something better than stock for your car, truck or SUV. Shop with us and we will ship your order within 24-48 hours. This is the fastest shipping time in the industry, so you can get working on your vehicle. We also pride ourselves in giving you discounts so you can have the car you want for a price that’s reasonable.

Contact us with questions about parts or specific modifications. We’re happy to help you find the perfect parts to customize your vehicle with a body kit. Shop our website and join the EAK family today!