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Tips for Buying Aftermarket Hoods, Body Kits, Ground Effects and More

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Want a car that really stands out? Aftermarket hoods improve performance and really add some serious visual appeal to your vehicle. There are a lot of aftermarket hoods available on the market – but you need to do your homework before you start shopping. Many online aftermarket hood and body kits offer incredible prices that seem too good to be true – and often are. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are getting the absolute best deal on aftermarket hoods, body kits, ground effects and other aftermarket auto parts.

  • Buy aftermarket parts from a reputable source: This seems like a “no brainer”, but it can be hard to determine which online aftermarket auto parts retailers are trustworthy. Just because a company has a nice looking website, doesn’t mean that it’s a reputable aftermarket parts dealer. You must check online reviews and also check if the seller is verified. Ask questions before you buy – and ensure that you will be able to speak with a customer service representative if any situation were to arise with your order.
  • Check the quality: Aftermarket parts can vary quite drastically in quality. Some aftermarket parts and body kits may or may not meet or exceed OEM requirements.
  • Avoid universal parts when possible: A universal aftermarket auto part is a part that fits more than one type of vehicle, and may require modification to fit a specific vehicle. Universal parts are typically less expensive, but they can be much more difficult to install than parts designed for your specific vehicle.
  • Check in with your body shop before you buy: For those of you who aren’t into the whole “DIY” installation process, get the opinion of your body shop on specific parts before you buy. They can offer insight on the quality of the parts and may have had experience working with these specific body kits and aftermarket hoods. Also ensure that your body shop has the experience and skill to actually install the parts. The repair shop before you go.
  • Brand name matters: When buying aftermarket body kits and ground effects, brand names matter. For example, DuraFlex Bodykits come with a superior reputation for top quality and performance. Look into an online retailer that carries some of the big brands to guarantee that you are getting something that will last.

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