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A good performance Body Kit is an essential part of your vehicle. If you are into racing cars you will need this modification for your vehicle to perform at its peak level.
Complete Body Kits, Fenders, Front Bumpers, Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts , Front Lips & more


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After market body kits

Express Aero Kits is your only source for after market body kits and accessories. Check out our ground effect kits.

Want top quality and great prices? Express Aero Kits is your only source for aftermarket body kits, ground effect kits and accessories. Building your dream vehicle doesn’t have the break the bank. If you’re looking to upgrade your car without downgrading your bank account, Express Aero Kits should be your “one-stop shop”. We carry a wide range of body kits and accessories including ground effects, fiberglass hoods, carbon fiber hoods, Duraflex body kits, front bumper, rear bumper, carbon fiber trunks, front body kit, rear body kits and aftermarket hoods. We offer aftermarket body kits at discounted prices, so you can modify and customize your car, truck or SUV.

Body Kits to Fit Your Budget

We carry a range of products from different brands to fit your budget and can help you find the right parts to turn your vision into reality. Whether it is a front bumper, a rear bumper, carbon fiber trunks, front body kit, rear body kits or aftermarket hoods, we can assist you in finding the right parts. Want to add bumper lips to the front and back? Modify your look with carbon fiber hoods? Or do a major overhaul and add everything from the ground up? We’ve got everything you need at Express Aero Kits. To find the body kits and accessories you are looking for, simply search our pages of products by your car’s make and model or by the part you’re looking for.

High Quality Aftermarket Body Kits

At Express Aero Kits, we offer the highest quality fiberglass, carbon fiber and urethane body kits on the market. Our “add on” parts will really add to the performance of your vehicle – and can be installed strictly for cosmetic reasons. As we say “Life is short….turn some heads.” In addition to selling the best body kits and accessories on the market, we offer expert advice and assistance. If you have any question about installation or are unsure about which part you should purchase for your vehicle, contact us. We love to help solve problems and make sure our customers feel confident in their purchases. Customer service is our top priority at Express Aero Kits. We also love giving our professional advice to help each customer create a car that’s a true standout on the streets.

Express Aero Kits is proud to be a premier distributor of Duraflex, Vertical Doors, Stillen, and TruFiber products. We guarantee fitment on all products purchased through our online store and offer 100 percent satisfaction on our body kits and vehicle accessories. Cars are our passion and we want to help you make your car a dream come true.