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Tips for Buying Body Kits

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If you want to create the car of your dreams and stand out on the streets, the key is customization with aftermarket body kits. At Express Aero Kits, we’re a leader in online retail sales of body kits, ground effects, fiberglass hoods, carbon fiber hoods, Duraflex Bodykits, front bumper, rear bumper, carbon fiber trunks, front bodykit, rear bodykit, aftermarket hoods and more. You might know the look you’re after for your vehicle, but it can be overwhelming to find high quality parts online or even to know where to begin in the shopping process. Since you are making such a major investment in your vehicle, you only want the absolute best. If you are beginning your search for aftermarket auto parts and custom body kits, here are a few tips from the pros at Express Aero Kits to help get you started.

  • Get familiar with body kits and aftermarket products: There are so many aftermarket auto parts and body kits manufacturers on the market – and all have their own unique attributes and benefits. Many companies produce similar style kits but utilize different names for their styles, so getting familiar with some of the major body kits brands will really help you out as you start your search. Not sure how to find what you are looking for? Express Aero Kits has a world class team of auto experts and customer service staff that can help guide you through the process, making it as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Check if your parts are “street legal”: Some aftermarket hoods, ground effects and body kits look incredible – but your local law enforcement may not think so. Before making an investment, it’s always good to check out your state and city laws to ensure that your modifications are “street legal” and won’t get you pulled over or slapped with any huge fines.
  • Get a picture in mind: Check out examples of what others have done with similar make and model vehicles. It might spark your imagination – or lead you to find the exact look or part you have been thinking of (or didn’t even know existed).
  • It never hurts to ask: Don’t see the aftermarket ground effects or body kits you’re looking for? It never hurts to ask. Most reputable online retailers, such as Express Aero Kits, have close relationship with retailers and manufacturers and may be able to get you the exact part you need, without all the hassle of searching for hours online or on auction web sites.
  • Make sure you understand shipping costs: A great online aftermarket auto parts retailer will be upfront about shipping costs and work to minimize costs related to shipping – rather than trying to overprice everything and create a huge cost for you. An online retailer should not be attempting to profit on shipping.

Remember, shopping for aftermarket auto parts should be fun – and easy! At Express Aero Kits, we make buying aftermarket parts and body kits a truly enjoyable, educational and rewarding experience. Our customer service team is always on-hand to answer any question you might have and to help you create the custom car of your dreams. To learn more about Express Aero Kits and to explore our selection of body kits, ground effects, fiberglass hoods, carbon fiber hoods, Duraflex Bodykits, front bumper, rear bumper, carbon fiber trunks, front bodykit, rear bodykit and aftermarket hoods, visit