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Our Connections at the SEMA Trade Show

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Our trip to the SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas is always epic. This year’s show did not disappoint. With great brands for modification and amazing customized vehicles all over the place. The convention halls were wall to wall with beautiful cars and the atmosphere was super charged. In addition to seeing the cars all shined up and ready for display, we had the opportunity to watch some of the performance vehicles show off their stuff on the track.

At the show, we were able to hear catch up with and hear about new products from our vendors who we work closely with. Check in with us often because we’ll be selling the upcoming, new body kit products especially from our partners Extreme Dimensions and Duraflex. In addition, we have continued to follow others in the auto industry who are coming up with innovative designs for customizing cars, trucks and SUVs. Their custom designs at the show blew our minds.

Check out the photos from our time at the trade show in our gallery. Dream of how you can modify your ride and get a piece of what’s to come. When you’re ready to modify, we carry the latest in fiberglass, urethane, Duraflex and carbon fiber body kits to customize your vehicle. Shop Express Aero and order from us. We have the fastest shipping in the industry and we make customer service our top priority. Search our site by car or part to find the right parts for your body kit.