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Urethane Might be the Best Option for your Body Kits

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See our previous blog, which discussed using fiberglass aftermarket body kits for modifying your car. All materials for body kits have pros and cons. It is up to you to figure out what your goals are and how much you can spend to reach those goals for your car. Some modifications are done to improve the look of the vehicle. Other modifications are done to improve speed and function of the car for racing. Polyurethane, also called urethane, is another option for car kits.

With urethane, the fit will be more snug than the fiberglass because it is more flexible and can be maneuvered into position a little easier. The finish will also stay nicer longer than fiberglass. It will withstand minor flexing and minor impact without cracking or splintering. You know that your investment will last, especially if this vehicle is your everyday car.

The downside to urethane, for some people, is that it is heavier than fiberglass and carbon fiber parts. This will not help in reducing the weight of the car for those who are racing and looking to lose some weight. Even still, if you’re looking to get the whole car modified with a body kit, instead of buying all one material, you could buy parts of urethane for their durability and other parts that don’t flex when driving, like the hood, in another material that is lighter and less flexible, like fiberglass or carbon fiber.

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