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Upgrade your 04-05 Subaru Impreza with the New Z Speed Kit

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You may be looking to upgrade your 2004-2005 Subaru Impreza. It’s one of the newest kits on the market. The Z-Speed Kit offers you the sleek look, complete with a Z-Speed Front Bumper Cover, Z-Speed Side Skirt Rocker Panels, and a Z-Speed Rear Bumper Covers. These parts fit all 4-door sedan models, so rest assured when you order.

When installed, this will give your Impreza a new look all the way around. The product is from Duraflex Body Kits and is made from a special combination of fiberglass, plastic and flexible resins to give you a durable and flexible. The front bumper also comes with the strong mesh that can be painted to match your ideal for your Impreza.

Duraflex parts from Express Aero Kits come with a protective coating, are ready for prep and paint, the installation instructions and hardware are included. Fitment is guaranteed on our body kits. The lightweight materials will enhance the performance of your Impreza, giving you less weight than the stock bumpers. It offers more flexibility than fiberglass and a lighter weight than urethane so it’s practical for your everyday driving. Another benefit of buying Duraflex is that you won’t break the bank with your car modifications when purchasing a full body kit. It’s a cheaper alternative to other materials so your car looks great!

We, at Express Aero Kits, continually look for the new products to sell. Contact us to order this full body kit for the coolest Subaru Impreza on the road. Call us at 888-411-0750 or contact us through our site.