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Turn Heads with Body Kit Parts and a Change in Color

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Black and white are among the most popular colors for cars and have been for many years. The sleek look of a black automobile, perfectly waxed, will turn heads. White can portray a polished, regal look when clean and pristine. Red is a also a popular car, especially on a sports car. Gray and silver are also popular colors. However, there many colors that can draw attention and look great on your car as you add body kit parts, like the ones made by Duraflex.

Body kit parts come with the need for prep and paint to match your vehicle colors. As you are adding body kit parts, you may also consider a full paint job for your vehicle as well. Bright bold colors are making a comeback along with muscle cars. More cars today are orange, candy blue, yellows and golds. It’s time to acknowledge that change and add some color to your car if you have one of the more popular, yet neutral colors.

If your car is red, you may consider adding racing stripes along with your body kit additions. The carbon fiber parts come in a black with a top coat already applied, but they do have the capability to be painted over to give it a little different look and still maintain the pattern that is unique to the product. Contact us at Express Aero Kits for advice on parts for cars and how to prep the parts before installation. We’d love for you to become part of our family.