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Spoilers And How They Affect Your Car’s Aerodynamics

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There are several different aftermarket options for your car that can change its aerodynamics. Whether you’re looking into body kits for cars or just looking to add a spoiler to your car, understanding how these things affect your car’s aerodynamics will help you better choose what to put onto your vehicle. Here at Express Aero Kits, we’re pretty big fans of cars and we love modifying them. Today we’re going to explore how spoilers can affect aerodynamics.

Wings: Wings help add downforce to the back of your vehicle so that the tires catch better traction. These are mainly for cars with a lot of horsepower that have a hard time getting their tires to the ground well.

Fastback Spoilers: Spoilers reduce the slope of a fastback, thus reducing the drag of the car.

Drag: To understand spoilers, you must also understand drag! The drag of a car is how hard the car has to fight to push through the air when traveling at certain speeds. A car that is very aerodynamic will not have to push as much through the air as a car that isn’t as aerodynamic.

Lift: This is another thing that a spoiler can help on your vehicle. A car can become quite unstable if it is traveling at a high speed and the lift far too much. In fact, as air rushes under your car at higher speeds, it can actually lift it up off the road. The lift of a car is far more unstable in the back because there isn’t as much weight and this will reduce traction. If you don’t keep an eye on this, the lift at higher speeds can make the car slip quite easily.