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Make your Body Kit Last with a Little TLC

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You've spent a good deal of money getting your car modified with an aftermarket body kit and it looks like no other cars out there. You’re proud of your accomplishment and you love how your car handles now that it’s lighter. You want it to last for a long time without damage from the weather and sun. Here are a few tips to help you keep your body kit looking great for the long haul.

Wash it often. Dirt and other contaminants can build up over time on the aftermarket parts. This will not only make it look dingy, but it can create premature damage.

If you have carbon fiber, you can wash and wax this just the same as the rest of your car. Waxing will help the parts look their best and most attractive. For the hood, it’s recommended that it gets waxed at least once a month, if the vehicle is driven regularly (waxing less often is okay if the vehicle is driven less often).

Don’t drive like you have a vehicle made for off-roading. Unfortunately, the aftermarket body kit parts whether made of fiberglass, Duraflex, carbon fiber or urethane aren't indestructible. Even if the parts are on a 4-wheel drive vehicle, the parts will still crack or shatter if they are impacted.

If you have carbon fiber wheels, protect your investment and get locking bolts to insure they stay on your vehicle.

For whatever the parts you have on your car, take the time and care for them properly, make sure unnecessary dirt build up doesn't coat the parts. Also, during the winter, be sure to wash your vehicle after any snows, especially if a de-icer is applied to the roads in your area. This can cause corrosion and dull the finish, but washing can limit this from happening.