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Is a Fiberglass Car Body Kit Right For You?

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Are you tired of looking at the same old boring, stock car every day? Are you ready to take the plunge to modify your car into the car you’ve always wanted? We invite you to take the plunge with Express Aero Kits, where you’ll find every part you need to upgrade your car. Looking for a full car body kit? We’ve got that! Looking for some new fenders and bumpers? We’ve got those too! Need it fast? Don’t worry, you won’t find shipping as fast as ours anywhere else online. Today we’re taking a look at fiberglass body kits and helping you decide whether fiberglass is the material for you.

Fiberglass is one of the most common materials used by people looking to upgrade the body of their car. Fiberglass auto body parts are relatively easy to produce and they’re some of the more affordable parts for those looking to buy on a budget. However, some feel that fiberglass body parts’ fit and finish aren’t as good as parts from polyurethane, ABS plastic, or carbon fiber. Fiberglass is known to be lightweight and resistant to high/low temperatures, as well as easy to paint.

The downside to fiberglass is its rigidity or lack of flexibility. This makes it more difficult to install and makes the finished product much more vulnerable to cracks and breaks. There are many different grades of fiberglass though and plenty of cheap fiberglass parts to be found online. When you buy from a reputable source like Express Aero Kits, you’ll find quality fiberglass parts with a better fit, finish, and easier to install.