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Duraflex, The Best of Two Worlds

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Previous blogs have addressed the benefits and drawbacks of fiberglassurethane and carbon fiber as used in aftermarket body kits for modifying cars. Each of the materials is unique in the way it functions and looks. The price varies with each as well. One additional option is a composite material, like Duraflex. Duraflex is a combination of fiberglass, plastic and resin to create a solid material that stands up to daily driving better than fiberglass alone. It’s also significantly lighter than urethane, although not as flexible.

Duraflex offers the same aerodynamic advantages of the other materials, but is much more durable than many of the others. Because it’s a fiberglass composite, the price is much lower than urethane and carbon fiber parts. The material won’t splinter and the paint won’t chip or crack. The more sturdy form creates a surface that accepts paint better than the urethane also. The parts don’t come ready for installation, but need to be sanded and painted. This way, you can add one more of a personal touch.

Depending on what you are looking for in a body kit, you may want to consider Duraflex as one of your options. It offers a strong and light part at a cheaper price than the carbon fiber. Find your parts to trick out your car and turn heads with Duraflex parts from Express Aero Kits. We are your one-stop shop for premier body kits including luxury cars like Aston Martin and Porsche to mid-priced cars like Honda and Mazda. We have the fastest shipping in the industry and the fit is guaranteed with all parts.