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Carbon Fiber VS Fiberglass: Car Body Kits Examined

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Here at Express Aero Kits, we’re located in beautiful and sunny Huntington Beach, California. Starting in 2001, we’ve since been able to grow into the industry leading distributor for Duraflex, V-Fiber, and TruFiber products. If you can’t tell already, we really love cars - especially car body kits. We’re proud of the fact that you won’t find better quality fiberglass, carbon fiber, or urethane products anywhere else online with shipping times like ours. Today we’re going to explore the differences between fiberglass body kits and carbon fiber body kits.

Carbon Fiber Body Kits

A body kit made from carbon fiber is made from a mix of carbon fibers that are sealed under pressure using a resin. That material is then put into the mold of a body kit, dyed the desired color, and ready for sale. Most people consider the single biggest benefit of carbon fiber body kits to be the fact that the color is all the way through the mold rather than simply painted on as a final step but it also adds a little more to the price.

Fiberglass Body Kits

Fiberglass body kits are made of a glass like fiber or filament that’s molded together under pressure to make the desired shape of the body kit. A lot of people like fiberglass because it’s very light weight, reducing the amount of pounds you’re putting on your car. Fiberglass is also known to be more affordable than carbon fiber. However, fiberglass body kits break easier than carbon fiber and they’re harder to paint compared to other materials due to extra steps that need to be taken before you’re able to paint them (like sanding the area multiple times).