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Body kit for cars and trucks - What kind of discounts can you get ?

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The most asked question that we face from customers are , " Will a body kit improve my vehicle value or reduce it ?"

Well of course it will increase it as you are adding extra accessories in your vehicle. For example if you go to a car dealer and buy a base model vehicle which costs $15,000 and add $3.000 worth of accessories the value of that vehicle will increase to $18,000. A full body kit not only improves the overall look of your vehicle but also makes it more aero dynamic.

Full Body Kits

So when you try to resell your vehicle you will have more value for your car because you added extra accessories to it.

For a better example : Imagine yourself wearing a Pajama . Take a picture. Now go change and wear a suit , again take a picture. Now compare these 2 pictures. Wearing a suit picture will look more better to you . Same thing with your vehicle , when you dress it up it looks more sexier, slick , and extra ordinary. 

Now most people think that it will cost you an arm and a leg to get a body kit installed in your vehicle. Well if you go through a car dealership you are absolutely right. But if you really want to do this at a fraction of a cost , buy your kit from a supplier who will sell you the kit at a wholesale price . After that go to a body shop and ask them to install it for you , if you do not know how to. You will be saving $1000's. 

Now at Express Aero Kits our price is very competitive. We sell both retail and wholesale . Yes , we also do Price Match.  Most of our inventory is already discounted and we give you an extra 5% discount on our already discounted price. We call it , First Time Buyers Program . Just use the code , " FIRSTTIMEBUYER " at the time of checkout and you will automatically get the 5% instant discount from our entire inventory.

We also have a 10% Military Discount Program , our way of honoring the Military, Police, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and other First Responders.

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