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Body Kit FAQ

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Body Kits - Complete body kits at Express Aero Kits

What are body Kits?

Body Kit is an essential part of your vehicle. This modification is needed for your vehicle to perform at its peak level

Why do I need a body kit?

One of the main reasons people choose custom body kits is because they simply want to change the look of their vehicle. Your vehicle will look more appealing than other vehicles of the same model.

Are there different kinds of body kits for different models?

Absolutely . Every auto make and model has different body shape and thus require different types and shapes of body kits.

Is it easy to install?

It is easier to install if you are into cars and know a lot about them. Most professional car dealers or custom auto body works can do the task in a snap. For a novice , NO it is not easy to install as it is not a snap on tool.

Where can i find a good quality  body kit at a reliable price?

At our prices are very competitive. We carry most major brands and best qualities in our warehouse. At EAK we also offer a Price Match , so rest assured you will be getting the most discounted price on the net.