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Advantages To Investing In A Duraflex Body Kit

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It’s easy to get bored with your stock car. In the aftermarket industry of aerodynamics, we’re given many options in choosing a desired style, different quality of products, and ultimately personalization for our stock vehicle. It can be easy if you already know what you want, but if you don’t you can easily be overwhelmed. While you may be wondering what it is that separates all of these different materials, we’re going to specifically talk about Duraflex body kits today and why you should invest in one.

You may have heard of fiberglass, plastic, and flex resin body kits in your search for an aerodynamic modification. Duraflex body kits take all three of these materials and combines them to create the best of both worlds: a higher durability rate while still retaining its flexibility and staying true to form. In fact, damage rates are reduced up to 75% with Duraflex body kits over the other materials. Plus, to ensure the highest quality product available with superior craftsmanship, every Duraflex product is inspected through a rigorous quality control process. This means that your Duraflex body kit will not have any fiberglass deficiencies including waviness, chips, spider cracks, and damage to the gel coat.

You may be thinking that with such attention to detail, the Duraflex body kits aren’t within your price range. On the contrary, they’re actually quite affordable! Shop for your Duraflex body kit today and enjoy the advantages of both fiberglass and polyurethane aerodynamics, while leaving out most of the cons.