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In November, we went to the SEMA Trade Show and saw some amazing cars, talked with some long-time friends and vendors and made some great new connections with people in the industry. If you’re interested in customizing your car, Express Aero Kits can help you out. We stay current in trends, being sure to carry what’s new. Our connections from the trade show will help to insure we have the most up to date body kits on the line for modifying your car. Duraflex, carbon fiber, urethane and fiberglass, we have it all for you.

You can buy the full body kit in one material or decide to customize it for your own design and according to your budget. For example, you could buy the bumpers in urethane because of their durability, the scoops in Duraflex, the hood in carbon fiber for its signature look and light weight and the wings in fiberglass because of the lightweight affordable cost. Modify your car in a way that you’ll take pride in your modified car without breaking the bank.

Shop Express Aero Kits today for our holiday special of 10% off our Duraflex, Aero Function and Couture parts. Find all of your parts and get that discount or buy what you can afford today, then come back in a few months and search our inventory for the next phase of your customizations. Our connections through SEMA give us the newest in body kits, designs and materials. Check in with us often to see what’s new. We’re constantly updating our inventory.

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